How To Heal Past Life Trauma and Fear

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How Do I Heal Past Life Trauma and Fear?

Question from Kwan Yin’s Apprentice, Portland, Oregon *pen names for privacy

Dear Brenna and The Guides,

How can I heal my allergy to cold? About 2 1/2 years ago I was walking to my car, after an evening out. It was a very cold night and I didn’t have a real jacket on. I noticed that red hives had formed on my arms, where they were exposed and my skin was very itchy and stinging. Since then, whenever my skin is exposed to the cold the same thing happens. It doesn’t even need to be very cold, as it has happened on a couple evenings this summer. If I drink a cold drink like a smoothie my mouth and throat itch and if I drink it too fast my throat and stomach will start to ache and feel frozen. 

The saddest part is that I can no longer, comfortably, go swimming. Even a warm pool will illicit some symptoms but if it is the river they can be quite extreme such as difficulty breathing, swelling, extreme hives where my skin will look really strange, light headedness etc. I am scared I will never be able to fully enjoy the ocean (one of my favorite things!!) again. Already, It is greatly effecting my enjoyment and freedom in life. Any advice is most appreciated.

Brenna and Guides: Kwan Yin’s Apprentice, we are so pleased to connect with you in this Forum,

We see this physical manifestation you speak of, which you refer to as an “allergy to cold”, began with past life imprints and memories. Traumas of dying in the cold weather and other such Earth experiences of your soul’s journey.

In this life, the memory was activated as a very young child. When you would feel unsafe and unloved in situations you experienced.

You also saw some key family members as being cold and unresponsive to your needs as a small child. Your belief about the world is that it is cold, lacking warmth to grow a successful life.

Your belief in a cold world existing around you, now has manifested this allergic reaction. It will be a step by step process to transcend the energetic pattern that is in motion now.

Of course you could move to a warmer climate, but this belief that the world is frigid and rigid, unloving and unresponsive, will manifest itself in other ways.

You possess a very warm heart that has much Light. When you feel the time is right, you may want to experiment trusting in that big bright heart of yours to spark, electrify and ignite your whole life.

We believe this allergy will then become a thing of the past.

Kwan Yin’s Apprentice: What do you mean to trust my heart? How do I trust it? In what way?

B and Guides: Apprentice, You may enjoy experimenting with your heart to thaw-out; so to speak, situations in your life where you feel frozen, numb, fearful, or anxious. You will begin to see your life clearer with a new illuminated perspective.

Kwan Yin’s Apprentice: Yes! I do feel all those feelings. So, when they arise…how do I experiment with thawing out my heart?

B and Guides: You just did it, Apprentice. A warming and softening is beginning inside of you just because you acknowledged those feelings of being frozen with fear, numb, apprehensive, stuck, etc.

That is all that is necessary, it is the attention you gave, the acknowledgment, as if you were giving attention to a frightened, fearful child.

Can you imagine if you met a tiny child that was knocking at your front door. She was starving and cold, unloved and no one cared about her. What would you do for this child?

Would you tune out and ignore the child? Would you distract yourself and not pay attention to her standing at your front door?

Would you offer love from your heart to this child? Giving the child lots of attention, warmth and caring, would you feed her and hold her?

Could you do the same with your frozen and fearful emotions, feelings, thoughts? When they arise, you can experiment with loving them with all your might, just like you would love an injured kitten, puppy or child.

Apprentice: How do I know I am doing it? How long will it take for the symptoms (hives, itching etc) to subside? Do you have any suggestion on how to always remember to be doing this since the patterns of frozenness are so longstanding in my life?

B and Guides: Changing one’s patterns and imprints in Earth’s density can be a process. The amount of attention you put into it will always determine the rate of change.

This is why beings incarnate in Earth. What a wonderful place to master intention and attention; focus and vigilance. To practice trust and faith in one’s own Self.  Most of all learning to master the creative powers of unconditional love. First you learn to apply these qualities to your human being self, then you will do it on the cosmic level.

Just like in a school classroom; what you put into your studies, you will profit from in return.

We do look forward to you reporting back to the forum with your experiences as you move through this process.

With great Love and admiration for you, B and Guides

Kwan Yin’s Apprentice: Thank you!! That feels really good.

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