How To Find Your Life Path

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Question: How do I find my life path?

ZESTY ZEN – PORTLAND, OREGON *pen names for privacy

Zesty Zen, Am I on the right career path? Is there something I could be doing for greater happiness with more money?

B and the Guides: Zesty Zen, It is a pleasure to connect with you here in the forum.

First you may want to inquire deep into your heart, “what do I desire most in my life at this time?” Maybe it will take a while for it to come up to the surface, continue to inquire until you receive a sign.

It is not important how you are going to create this new goal yet. Right now, it is most valuable to see the vision of what you want in your life. We will ask you some questions:

What would bring you the most satisfaction and feed your hunger and passion for life?

What would you enjoy doing with your time everyday?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

What makes you feel alive and energized?

After you get some ideas of what you want, now you may begin to write down some of the obstacles that are in your way. Writing them down is important so you can clear these obstacles out of your thought-forms in your Auric field.

What are the obstacles to your new life path? Do they feel familiar to you? Do they feel like something you have inherited from your family? Are some obstacles created from fears or guilt?

Whatever the obstacles to your new dreams are, they can be shifted into successes. They are just negative energies that are stuck in a pattern. You can bring a lighter energy into them with your enthusiasm and excitement for your new life desires and plans.

Making a map of what you want in your life will inspire you to feel alive with joy and anticipation.

Zesty Zen:  I really love that line, “What would bring you the most satisfaction and feed your hunger and passion for life?” It brings me to my favorite quote lately… “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us” ~ Joseph Campbell

B and Guides: As we hear the voices of your Great Grandmothers,  “We see the word “career” does not resonate high on your “desire meter” at this stage of your life.

Your cultural imprints are very strong in this lifetime. Cultivating home, family, partnership, children is very important for you. Of course you could repattern this, no one’s ever stuck with concrete energetic imprints. They can always be altered to produce new futures for you.

Search deep inside your own heart for what is most important to create in your life now? What would be a true success to you now in this time of your life?

We look forward to hearing more from you in this forum as you discover your heart’s desire!

With great love and respect for you on your path,

B and the Guides

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