Intuitive Readings Life Coaching Spiritual Healing Hypnosis Mentoring


As a third generation intuitive, Brenna has been communicating messages from spirit to humans all her life.

Private sessions with Brenna will fill your heart with love. You will feel welcomed and deeply cared about.

She will assist you with the clearing and healing of anything that stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love and abundant resources.

Brenna will guide you to a fresh new perspective to life. Her work is to guide everyone to understanding their own self; to clarity, inspiration, and self-motivation.

She will assist you with the tools you can use to be successful on your life journey.


Follow Brenna on this extraordinary hypnotic journey deep into your subconscious mind. Enter the Room of High Magic and meet the Angelic Beings of Light.

9 MINUTE EMOTIONAL RESCUE-Meditate for 9 minutes with Brenna to heal your heart and uplift your mood.

HOW TO BEAT THE BLUES Follow Brenna on a guided meditation to uplift our moods and beat the blues.


Reprogram and repattern your subconscious mind for weight loss, and easy lifetime body maintenance. Listen while exercising or resting.


Inspire and uplift your whole being with magic mantras. Reprogram-reset for successful living. Listen anytime while active or resting.

AURA OF ATTRACTION A hypno-journey

A Guided Hypnotic Trance Journey

Get high and relax deep…into a hypnotic trance…change your life!

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Lift your emotional vibration with color, sound and subconscious repatterning and upgrading. Experience an emotional release and reset.



Turn your dreams into reality. Create new positive change. We will journey through the electric pathways of our mind and body.

We as a human group have a very dark past. Wars, oppression, control, and cruelty to each other. We are afraid of that which is inside of us. The way to evolve from this lower consciousness is to understand our humanity. To practice allowing compassion and unconditional love to flow in from our Higher Self, into that which is our lower nature. God touching Human on Planet Earth! It is the perfect recipe for Enlightenment, which is eternal Peace and Freedom for our souls.
— Brenna Iset