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Brenna has been a clairvoyant since childhood.

A guide, channel, healer and teacher, assisting the seeker to understand their own energy matrix.

She is a voice for the seeker's personal unseen Guides, to offer the highest information for their soul’s journey.


Connect to the magical child within you to access your creative power. We all have a magical child and an injured child within us. The magical child is fresh from God/Goddess since birth and has the sparkle and optimistic wonder.


Welcome intuitives, sensitives, psychics, healers, teachers and everyone to this space of Love. Let us all create and enjoy a life of abundance....Love, Prosperity, Health, Peace and Harmony!!!

The most important part of her work is to guide ones to discover and connect with their own inner eye and navigation system.

To assist with the clearing and healing of that which stands in the way of the seeker, on their quest for enlightenment.

Brenna has audio and video recordings that help guide the seeker to experience their own transformational healing journey.

Relaxing and winding through the subconscious pathways of the systems and constructs of the mind and soul.

As you listen, you will instantly connect with your own team of guides, angels, and your higher selves. They will provide you with the unconditional healing love that you have always been searching for.

With this Light, a seeker who is ripe and willing to transform, will experience the level of enlightenment they are ready for.


Brenna's philosophy is that each one of us is a spirit, soul, and physical being.

Our spirit is the most beautiful light of unconditional love.

Our soul carries the energetic library of all our journeys called the akashic records.

Our physical bodies hold the constructs of the patterns and imprints of our family and ancestors, and all we have gathered from birth.

This energy matrix of imprints, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings create one’s life story.