Brenna's guided journeys will reprogram old, outdated patterns deep in the subconscious mind.

These audio recordings are the most powerful tools for self transformation.

The goal is to guide the listener to their highest resonance, the vibration of their higher self.

This is where you will connect with your self power and highest potential, your Master Mind.

Available for download or streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.



  • A guided journey into deep sleep.

  • Reprogram sleep patterns and rhythms.

  • Healing affirmations while sleeping.

  • Awake in the morning rejuvenated and rested.

Brenna will guide you into a place of deep healing sleep. 

Your mind will learn to let go of the concerns in your life and trust that your subconscious personal manager will be in charge while you sleep.

Reprogram your mind with affirmations as you sleep.


  • Featuring sound and color healing to lift your emotional vibration.

  • Experience an emotional release and reset.

  • Healing with Crystal Therapy.

  • Listen while active, resting or sleeping.

Brenna will guide you on a visualization journey, lifting your emotional vibration with color, sound and subconscious repatterning and upgrading.

You will experience an emotional release, relief and a reset. You may want to use headphones or earbuds.

Beautiful Mind Beautiful Life

  • Reprogram your mind with these positive magic mantras and affirmations.

  • Listen while you are active, resting or sleeping.

  • Upgrade old negative patterns and imprints.

These magic mantras will inspire and uplift your whole being, positive affirmations will upgrade old negative patterns. Reprogram your mind for successful living.

Listen to these mantras and affirmations while resting, sleeping or doing daily activities.


  • Journey into your subconscious mind.

  • Awaken your true Self.

  • Clear, heal and align to live your passionate joy.

Journey into those deep places within your being to heal the blocks to your passion and joy.

You will meet and connect with your Guides and Angels to assist in your Awakening.

Healing is possible for everyone if it is desired with all your heart. Three magical Guided Journeys.


  • Reprogram healthy eating habits.

  • Shape your body with mind power.

  • Fill and heal the lonely hungry void inside.

  • Listen to this guided journey while active or resting.

Reprogram and repattern your subconscious mind for weight loss, and easy lifetime body maintenance.

Do you want to change an old habit or pattern?

Reprogramming is the most efficient way to change our lives for the better.


  • A guided hypnotic trance journey to discover your superpower.

  • Attune your aura to attract what you desire.

  • Create a positive magnetic aura.

  • A deep journey into healing hypnosis.

On this guided meditation we will travel down to the deepest and truly profound levels of mind and trance.

Brenna will guide you deep into your subconscious mind where anything positive, wonderful and healthy can be made manifest.


  • Discover and manifest your dream life.

  • Step by step you will be guided to create your life plan.

  • Create your future self that will draw you to it.

Turn your dreams into reality. Listen to this download anytime, while active or resting. We will journey through the electric pathways of your mind and body. You will see what you desire for yourself in this lifetime and create it. Neurological re-patterning is the most effective, cutting edge technique to make real life change. 

DEEP RESONANCE-Learn How To Meditate

  • Learn to meditate and create a daily practice.

  • Track two is a Brain and Nervous System Reset.

  • Awaken to Who You Really Are.

Enjoy these three guided healing meditations to clear your mind, balance your emotions and replenish your body. 

With guided imagery and a gentle soundscape, Brenna will help you learn how to meditate and establish a daily practice. Meditation is the ancient key to health and enlightenment.



  • Mystical shamanic journey.

  • Meet the spirit guides who assist in your transformation.

  • Clear and heal the past.

  • Create your new future self.

  • The Magic Mirror may reveal your destiny.


Manifest your dream life. We will be manifesting with mental wizardry. Journey to access your creative matrix and awaken your Master Mind.

The process comes alive with Greg diPiazza's musical composition. Using sound healing frequencies to stimulate and awaken the creative power within you. 

Prepare for this powerful hypnotic journey by relaxing in a comfortable, private place sitting or lying down.