How To Meet Your Life Partner

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Question: How Can I Meet My Life Partner?


Dear Guides, I am 37 and wanting to start a family but need to find the love of my life, first. I want to create a passionate, healthy, fun, peaceful, abundant relationship ASAP. Are there any blocks to this that you can inform me of? What steps might I take to ensure the result that I desire?

BRENNA AND GUIDES: (Note to the readers, you can tailor these responses to your own life. This reading is not only specific to the Apprentice… is applicable to all of you too.)

Greetings Apprentice!

We see your life is moving in a new direction and you are beginning to realize you have the capacity to create. Earth is a planet to learn and advance in creation skills. Once you get the hang of it, you will be the master of your life and continue creating for the rest of your life and beyond. When you desire something, it is as if you are assembling a recipe, check daily if you have all the fresh ingredients in order.

These are the ingredients you desire for your union with a partner in love, do you embody these ingredients?

Passion: Seeing your world through the eyes of passion and affection.

Healthy: Healthy actions in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being.

Fun: Creating a fun and lively life.

Peaceful: Peace and tranquility to the mind.

Abundance: Knowing that you have the ability to create enough abundance in every area of your life.

If you are living these qualities, the law of attraction magnetically draws another with the same qualities into your life.

You ask about blocks that you may have. Can you look at the relationship between your own parents? What is it that you do not like about their relationship?

Once you examine these negative points, you will understand your blocks. You can begin to do your spiritual work to transcend these negatives. You may enjoy working with the properties in this  to begin transmuting the karma you have inherited.

What is it that you like about their relationship? These are inherited qualities that you embody. These are like your priceless diamonds. Diamonds are formed under pressure, your family lineage has evolved under karmic pressure to create these positive qualities. These are now jewels for you to freely use to enhance and create your desired circumstances. This positive karma can be transmitted from your heart to draw to you the love of your life.

The science of the Law of Attraction is obvious in Human relationships. You will attract a partner to you that matches your own energetic matrix. Knowing yourself honestly is key. For example: If you feel you cannot move forward through your life on your own and you are looking for someone to motivate or help you to do this, you may attract someone who is the same as you or one who is looking for someone to control. If you feel lonely and unfulfilled in life and desire a partner to fill your void, you may draw someone to you that has the matching emptiness, you may spend all of your time and energy filling up their void and neglecting yours.

Questions you may ask yourself:

What is my motive for attracting my life partner?

What are my thoughts about having a life partnership?

What are my feelings about being in a life partnership?

Now that you understand yourself, you may create a walking meditation to practice daily.
Checking proper motive and proper thoughts to create the life partnership you are desiring. Proper motive and thoughts running through your being as often through the day and night as possible.

A thought can change your whole life. Let’s begin now, imagine there is a very large crystal ball in front of you. As if you were gently gazing, can you begin to make out an image inside the crystal ball? Do you see your favorite image of two people in love? Where are these lovers that you see, are they walking hand in hand on a beach. Are they out to dinner and dancing, are they in front of a romantic fire making love?

You begin to see your own face. is this you and your partner? Can you see your partner’s face? If you cannot see them, can you feel them? What do they feel like? What do they taste like? How do they sound? What is their scent? What do you know about them? How do they treat you? What can you sense about their emotional stability? Do they enjoy their own life?

What do you sense about their past? Can you intuit any wounds from their childhood? How have they grown and evolved from their wounds? Can you sense their capacity to hold love in their own heart or are they dependent upon your love? Are they creative, expanding, and adventurous in their own life?

You notice in the crystal ball that you are sitting together at a small table. Are you both drinking a beverage? You see that you are talking to each other. You realize your partner has a strong and stable skill with prosperity and success. This person Is kind, peaceful, caring and thoughtful. Considerate, compassionate. and emotionally balanced. Passionate, fun and adventurous. You feel the joy rising up in your heart! This person is a quality human being! You see this is the person you have been desiring to be with all of your life. Physically attractive to you in every way. Physically and emotionally healthy. Abundant and resourceful. A great outlook on life and living. What other qualities do you appreciate in your partner?

You begin to talk about your life plans together. What are the two of you excited to create together? A home together, creating a family, travel, etc. Feel the excitement welling up inside of both of you. You look into each other’s eyes. You share the joy and appreciation that you two have found each other and are going to be best friends and lovers living happily ever after together!

We are here for you if you have any other questions.

In Love and Appreciation for You,

Your Guides and Brenna

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Brenna Iset