Once upon a time, long ago on planet Earth, intuitive seers and visionaries were condemned for their gifts. So we covered up our "all seeing eye" to keep ourselves and loved ones out of danger. Everyone is gifted with a sixth sense. Yours might still be hidden under protective veils to keep you safe.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle

When you were young, do you remember “seeing” but not with your physical eyes, you intuitively read from a special place in your mind. Maybe someone said to you, “That is just your imagination!” You knew that there was something special about this kind of seeing and knowing.

With practice you can connect with this part of you again, your third-eye, the ancients called it the Cave of Brahma. There are many techniques to connect you with your high mind. One of the quickest ways to connect to your psychic vision and hearing is by exercising your creative imagination. This is how you build the “muscles” so-to-speak to take you into the control center of your own clairvoyance and clairaudience.

We as a human group have a very dark past. Wars, oppression, control, and cruelty to each other. We are afraid of that which is inside of us. The way to evolve from this lower consciousness is to understand our humanity. To practice allowing compassion and unconditional love to flow in from our Higher Self, into that which is our lower nature. God touching Human on Planet Earth! It is the perfect recipe for Enlightenment, which is eternal Peace and Freedom for our souls.
— Brenna Iset

You may enjoy visiting Brenna’s video classroom to practice awakening your psychic vision and intuition. With practice you will begin opening and clearing your channels to your Higher Self. For most of us, it does require a lot of attention and practice to begin to see again with our mind’s eye.

Sometimes there are blocks to your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clear intuition. You may want to use the album Awakening Your Passionate Joy.

The first important step in awakening your higher powers is to clear your channels, like clearing the "gunk in the pipes". One way to begin the clearing process is to practice forgiving the people that we believe have harmed us. Sometimes it is to forgive our own self, which can give us great relief and freedom. The guided journey Clearing gently takes you to those injured places deep inside yourself. This is where forgiveness will begin to unfold. You will be guided to relax and allow your own team of healing Angels, Guides and your Higher Self to do this for you. Your willingness is all that is needed.

The next important piece of one's enlightenment is to begin healing the wounded inner child and adolescent. On the next journey of Awakening your Passionate Joy, titled Healing, you will meet these parts of yourself. You will receive a healing transmission from a Higher Power. There will also be a healing sent back through time to your past lives.

To practice staying tuned-in to your Higher Self, Guides and Angels, you may enjoy Brenna’s album Deep Resonance. This guided meditation will help you be in alignment with the enlightened Self that lives within you. The ancients called this the Sadguru. The beloved Teacher, Sri Ramana Maharshi, taught that the sadguru is the true guru that lives within your own self.

If you do desire deeper work, you can contact Brenna for a private intuitive counseling session. With her clairvoyant vision and fine-tuned intuition, she will guide the seeker through the haze of the mind. From an energetic “bird’s eye view”, she will offer the most efficient way for one to navigate their own life. Her joy is to witness the unfoldment, as the seeker begins to turn the wheel of karma, and begins sailing forward on their journey into paradise.