Master Minds is a video series to be released soon on my YouTube channel

After working with thousands of treasured clients over the years, I have witnessed the most beautiful heart and psychic openings. I have seen impressive transformations, so many people learning how to create successful, healthy, prosperous lives.


Sessions with Brenna

Brenna is an international intuitive counselor, teacher, channel and healer, assisting the seeker to reach their highest potential.

Brenna's expertise is to guide ones to discover and connect with their own inner eye and navigation system. To assist with the clearing and healing of anything that stands in the way of happiness, peace, health, love and abundant resources. 

Feel free to contact me for private intuitive counseling sessions.

You may enjoy visiting Brenna’s complimentary video classroom to practice awakening your psychic vision and intuition. With practice you will begin opening and clearing your channels to your Higher Self. For most of us, it does require a lot of attention and practice to begin to see again with our mind’s eye.


Brenna spent many years as a student to world renowned teachers Lina Berntsen, Seann Callister, and David Waldman. Also a lifelong student to the teachings of the masters Anandamayi Ma, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sri Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda