Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? You can listen to this download anytime, while walking, exercising, doing chores

We will journey through the electric pathways of your mind and body, you will see what you desire for yourself in this lifetime. Neurological re-patterning is the most effective, cutting edge technique to make real change in our lives.

MAGIC MIRROR (featuring Greg diPiazza)

The Magic Mirror meditation will guide you to manifest your dream life with your own powers of mental wizardry.

SLEEP: A Guided Journey Into Restful, Healing, Deep Slumber

Brenna will guide you into a place of deep relaxation, your mind will learn to let go of the concerns of your life and trust each night that your subconscious personal manager will be in charge while you sleep.



Reprogram and repattern your subconscious mind for weight loss, and easy lifetime body maintenance.