"Mind Power" is a gift, maybe dormant, that all of us possess. With knowledge and practice, we can master our seven energetic bodies...physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial, and causal.

In this exercise SHAPE YOUR BODY, we are focusing our mental and emotional bodies to connect with our etheric template body; this will begin the process to shape our physical body.

The recipe here calls for desire, willingness, excitement, inspiration, determination, focus, and vigilance. Add a delicious topping of self-worthiness!

Your mind power will tap into your etheric template, which is your energetic blueprint and you will receive the upgrade.

It does take focus and vigilance, like when you learn to play a musical instrument. Practice makes perfect. You can watch my video to understand the technique.

Ready! This is how you do it. With your imagination, see in front of you a holographic image of your desired body shape, about 2 to 4 feet tall. Look at all sides, seeing your body in the form that pleases you.

Next, reprogram your old patterns with affirmations. “I Love to eat healthy foods, I Love to exercise, I see the unwanted fat in my body being burned and being eliminated from my body.” You can create many more affirmations on your own.

To reprogram new habits and patterns in a human being, it is confirmed by experts to take 21 to 30 days.

Affirmations, incentives, focus and vigilance are the steps to our new desired and evolved lifestyles.

If you practice energy work you will get really good at it. This visualization is also a very powerful way to heal your body too.

Maybe you can see a place where your body needs healing, See your body with healthy cell activity and functioning at your highest performance level.

I do agree if we could sit in meditation all day, we all would be in the perfect flow of The Self, the enlightened version of us.

But most of us will not do this. We have busy, full lives with commitments, children, careers, responsibilities, and chores. It is wise to be in the High Self as much as you can remember to be, but we do forget.

Self-coaching affirmations and Mind Power are shortcuts to a happy, joyful life!

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